Just breathe 

So many people around me are getting married, engaged, or starting a relationship. There is so much emphasis in culture that says you need a relationship. We have been taught that you “need a special someone” 

Well, all that’s a load of crap. People stress and worry about finding their person, they want their partner in crime, their life buddy. While there is nothing wrong with wanting that, there is something wrong with idolizimg it and putting it first or at least high in the priorities list. I’m not going to say I don’t want that cause I do. I’m just not going to force it. 

How do you expect to be content with an imperfect person when you are not content on your own? You have to find contentment and peace with you and God before you introduce another person into that. 

Life goes by so fast… slow down and stop worrying about finding your “man” or “women”

                       Just breathe…… 

Enjoy your life in the here and now. Be you. No worry, no stress, be thankful for the life you have and who you are in Christ 

There is a time and a season for everything. Be patient and live your life to the fullest NOW instead of wanting what it isn’t time for yet. Be you, accept you, grow who you are. Go out explore, have fun, do wonderful things! Embrace the life you have now. 


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