To my person :)

"My Person", that has a different meaning depending on whats happening in my life. It stems from them being my person  I go to when I need something, anything, or nothing at all.  I don't know what I would do without her. She is always there for me, even at 1 oclock in the morning. She listens with so much... Continue Reading →

Brokenness is beautiful 

"The only thing I want in life, is to be known for loving Christ, to build His church to love His bride and make His name known far and wide" ~cause of Christ  There is so much suffering all over the place. So many broken people. We are all broken people. Every single last one... Continue Reading →

One year ago…

Sometimes I sit and ponder,"Where was I a year ago? What was I doing?"  Its good to reflect on life, it can bring a fresh perspective as well as teach you lessons. To see how far you've come, to know you don't want to go back there. Looking back for me personally can be a... Continue Reading →

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